DALLAS, Ore. (KOIN) — A petition calling for Dallas City Councilman Micky Garus to resign is circulating in response to a post on his Facebook page which urged Americans to block Islam from getting “a foothold in our government”.

Garus stood by his remarks in an interview with KOIN 6 News on Wednesday.

A screen grab from the Micky Garus' Facebook post. (The Statesman Journal)

The councilor said he posted the anti-Muslim tirade because he cares about world issues. It was written in response to a Michigan city’s recent election of the first-ever Muslim-majority council.

“Giving them power to make laws and control enforcement opens the door to many possible dangers,” the post states. “We need to stop this… allowing Islam to get a foothold in our government will be the end of western civilization.”

Garus said he never fathomed the post would garner so much attention, but he doubled down on his remarks by saying he is not the only person who believes the Muslim faith is “pure evil”.

In a separate post on his personal Facebook page, Garus called out a Chicago-area school district for giving a transgender student full access to a girl’s locker room. Garus said he would “physically fight” to prevent that from happening around his child.

He argued that when someone with male body parts want to use women’s facilities, regardless of their title, it should be questioned.

Garus said he has received plenty of support in response to his posts. As for the strong language used, he said he “doesn’t sugarcoat things”.

Dallas Council President Jim Fairchild said, while he is concerned by how the remarks reflect on the city as a whole, Garus has done nothing wrong by voicing his opinions online.

Some residents said the hateful messages behind Garus’ posts raise a red flag when it comes to his ability to act fairly and in the interests of everyone.

In response to the petition, Garus said he doesn’t think there will be enough support to warrant a recall vote.