PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A presidential race always brings out the voters in large numbers, and this year Oregon ballots are coming in faster than in the past.

Compared to the presidential election 4 years ago, 8 days before the election ballot returns are up about 1%, according to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. So far, about 500,000 Oregon voters have turned in their ballots. That’s just over 20%.

Even though there’s still time to mail in ballots, voters can already be seen driving up and dropping off ballots at drop boxes. A few voters took some time to speak with KOIN 6 News about their participation in the election process.

“I wanted to make sure the ballot got where it need to go and get it over with,” one voter said.

“I have a business trip coming up, and instead of mailing it, I wanted to make sure it got in,” another voter said.

Despite hundreds of thousands of ballots already in, results won’t be available until a week from Tuesday on election night.

But starting on Wednesday, Oregon election offices start opening the ballots and getting them ready to run through the counting machines later this week.

As for Washington state, they expect 80% turnout and are approaching 20 percent now.

Ballots can be tracked online here. The website can also be used to look at the voter’s pamphlet or find drop boxes to return ballots.