Oregon lawmakers applaud Pelosi’s call for impeachment


'He must be held accountable for this impeachable offense'

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon lawmakers wasted no time in publicly supporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call for an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Pelosi’s position swung in favor of a probe following reports Trump pushed Ukraine’s leader for help investigating Democrat Joe Biden and his son during a summer phone call.

Both of Oregon’s US senators, Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden took to Twitter to post their support, but it was Rep. Suzanne Bonamici who laid it out in a multi-tweet thread.

“The President admitted to asking a foreign government to investigate a political adversary. He must be held accountable for this impeachable offense, along with his many other wrongdoings that have betrayed the trust of the American people and undermined our democracy,” Bonamici tweeted. “Asking a foreign country to meddle in an upcoming election is a serious national security concern. I am committed to working with the Speaker and my colleagues to advance an impeachment inquiry that will protect the American people and our national security.”

Merkley, who at one time considered the idea of running for president this cycle, said this:

“It is time for Congress, as a co-equal branch of government, to fulfill its constitutional role and hold the President accountable.”

And Wyden, an outspoken critic of Trump’s from his seat on the high-profile Senate Finance Committee, said:

“What the House of Representatives did by opening an impeachment inquiry is essential to protecting the well-being of the country.”

Earl Blumenauer_411465
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (AP, file)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer didn’t tweet immediately but issued this lengthy statement:

“It is exciting and long overdue that the House of Representatives start acting on impeachment.

“I was one of the very first to call for an impeachment inquiry. I thought it made sense months ago and is even more compelling today as Trump’s behavior grows ever more outrageous, reckless, and dangerous, while support within our caucus continues to grow and the public clamor for action reaches its boiling point.

“I fully understand that it must be handled carefully and strategically so that Trump cannot capitalize on it. There is a reason he is virtually daring us to act. He thrives on chaos and desperately want to change the subject away from his many failures and the range of issues that people deeply care about, which Democrats have been hard at work on, delivering results for the American people.

“I fully understand the potential pitfalls and challenges, but that is not a reason to neglect our responsibility to hold him accountable. It is a reason to be careful and strategic, and that should start now.

“We have key Committees with strong leadership and members who have been preparing for this moment for months. We have started building the record for action.

“We have the ability to create other mechanisms—panels, task forces, select and joint committees. We can even involve key Senate Democrats if we wish.

“There is the opportunity to launch separate hearing and fact-finding efforts for the various highly questionable actions by not just Trump, but his enablers throughout the government, his businesses and the campaign, to say nothing of special interests and foreign actors.

“The public should see how we assemble the agenda; how comprehensive the case becomes and what role everyone in the caucus can play to complete this process.

“Done right, we can continue our ambition for reform in this Congress, doing our work for the American people, while laying the foundation for the highest form of executive accountability.”

What other lawmakers said

“I think its absolutely imperative that the congress show the American people that you can engage in the procedure of the impeachment process while maintaining focus on the needs of the working families in this country. ” — Sen. Bernie Sanders

“I think she’s a bit ahead of her skis but let’s see what the transcript says, let’s hear what the whistleblower has to say and those two pieces of information I think would be most helpful in determining what the right course is going forward.” — Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah

“I think that over the last several days, this issue has been raised to a new level by the president and his lawyer admitting that they reached out to a foreign government to help him in his campaign to manufactor evidence against one of his opponents. … It’s violating the oath of office that he took. It’s violating the law of this country and I consider those to be impeachable offenses.” — Rep. William Clay, (D-Missouri)

“They don’t have the transcript of the President’s call. they don’t have the transcript of the whistle blower. They’ve got basically a third or fourth party saying that something happened. But oh! Let’s start an impeachment! I mean we’re right to look into Joe Biden’s stuff. I mean everywhere Joe Biden goes his son follows and gets millions of dollars in contracts.” — Rep. Mark Green (R-Tennessee)

“They’ve jumped the gun here. The president says he’s going to release the full transcripts tomorrow. But they just can not stand it. Nancy Pelosi lost full control of her party. The left wingers have taken over. They can not accept the fact that the house democrats can not accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States of America.” — Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Georgia)

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