PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill allowing women to purchase birth control without a doctor’s prescription.

In Oregon, birth control will now be able to be sold behind the counter at pharmacies. The Oregon Health Authority and the Board of Pharmacists are responsible for putting the rules into place for this new law.

Oregon and California have similar legislation, but California has not yet developed their administrative rules about this plan.

In a statement, the bill’s sponsor Rep. Knute Buehler said, “Oregon has the rare opportunity to drive the national conversation around women’s health, family security, and poverty. This will become landmark legislation that reduces unplanned pregnancies, gives women more control, and affirms Oregon’s reputation as a leader in health care innovation.”

US senators in Colorado and Washington have both introduced versions of Oregon’s new law.

“We are leading the rest of the country on improving women’s health in the 21st century,” Buehler said.