PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Not living in a fashion capital didn’t stop Oregonians from being some of the best-dressed people in the U.S., according to menswear fashion brand BoohooMAN.

BoohooMAN’s recently published Street Style Index evaluated each of the 51 U.S. jurisdiction’s fashion influence, online search data from the past 12 months and social media engagement to discover which has the best street style.

It’s no shocker that New York was ranked at No. 1 for best street style overall, but Oregon also made the top 10 right at No. 10.

The rankings were determined by four key factors: number of viewers per look on online fashion platform Lookbook.nu, views on Tiktok streetwear videos, streetwear searches via Google Trends and style influence according to the number of Google searches for streetwear in that particular location.

In addition to Oregon’s overall No. 10 ranking, the state sits at No. 2 on the Street Style Index’s Lookbook vote rank. It was also ranked 19th for style influence across the nation, with an average of 200 Google searches for ‘Oregon street style’ each month.

However, Oregon wasn’t the best in the west. Washington is just two spots ahead at No. 8, and California trails behind New York at No. 2.

“While it’s no surprise that New York and California take the top two spots, other states like Hawaii, Oregon and New Jersey break out with high ranks on the list, with voters favoring street style from these states compared to Cali,” a BoohooMAN spokesperson said. “New York was beaten by six other states on TikTok, which shows that users are focusing more on local fashion culture than just what’s going on in the Big Four fashion capitals.”

The Street Style Index also revealed which clothing items are trending this year. Google searches for ‘cargo pants’ are higher than they have ever been in the U.S., with an average 306,000 monthly searches.

Google Trends data reveals searches for ‘cargo pants’ are also at an all-time high in the United States, with an estimated 306,000 average monthly searches nationally.

Bomber jackets, graphic t-shirts and tracksuits are also trending searches among fashion-forward people.