PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – An internet debate as rich and satisfying as a proper cassoulet has consumed the Portland Reddit page in recent days.

One Portland Redditor’s humorous admission of adding edamame beans to a loose, unappetizing homemade chili (photo here) has sparked a passionate response from Portland’s online community since it was posted on March 9.

“Lately, as a city, I just feel like we haven’t had much to universally rally against,” the infamous Reddit post states. “So I put edamame in my chili. You’re welcome.”

The post succeeded in drawing hundreds of fiery responses from Portlanders offering critiques and opinions on what makes a proper chili. The magnificently mediocre attempt at chili has become so celebrated among Portland Redditors that subreddit moderators have officially declared the photo the “Portland chili meme.”

“OK, let’s agree to ignore the edamame and criticize the sad attempt at chili,” one Reddit user wrote. “I mean, hell, at this point it’s bean soup with some ground meat.”

In response to the recent debate, KOIN 6 News decided to compile a palate-cleansing list of the top five chili spots in the Portland area, according to Yelp. The list is based on several factors, including ratings and the number of reviews left by Yelp users in the last two years.

Portland’s top 5 chili spots

  1. Queen Chili
    Serving up a variety of chili dishes from the Milwaukie Station Food Cart Pod and Beer Garden at 11301 21st Ave., Queen Chili ranks as the Portland area’s top-rated chili spot. Queen Chili offers everything from classic chili cheeseburgers and dogs to more unique dishes like “Cincinnati 3-Way” chili spaghetti, chili ‘n’ cornbread, and chili Frito pie.
  2. Cheryl’s On 12th 
    Known for its breakfast and brunch dishes, Cheryl’s On 12th, located at 1135 SW Washington St. (interestingly enough), also ranks as one of Portland’s best chili spots. The restaurant’s “top-secret” chili can be ordered a la carte or on an open-faced cheeseburger topped with cheddar cheese and chopped onion.
  3. Hina’s Island Grindz and Catering 
    Specializing in Hawaiian comfort food, Hina’s Island Grindz and Catering is one of Portland’s more unique chili options. Located at 11540 Pacific Highway in Tigard, the food truck serves its very own “Hawaiian chili” recipe that it boasts is “simmered to perfection.”

    “It’s our own recipe so it ain’t how others make it,” Hina’s wrote on social media.
  4. Bailey’s Burger Shop 
    Serving chili cheeseburgers, chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries, Bailey’s offers a classic American chili experience. Like the rest of the eateries on this list, the burger shop, located at 12492 in Downtown Tigard, also prides itself on preparing its chili in-house.
  5. Harlow
    Chili lovers looking for vegan and vegetarian fare can satisfy their cravings at Harlow Cafe and juice bar. Ranked as Portland’s fifth-best chili spot, Harlow offers a chipotle chili bowl that it describes as “plant-based satisfaction.” The business has two locations: One in Northwest Portland at 505 23rd Ave., and one in Southeast at 3632 Hawthorne Blvd.