PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A few weeks ago, the Astoria house featured in the 1985 movie “Goonies” went up for sale. Now, the city council is reassuring some concerned neighbors the famous home will not become a commercialized tourist attraction.

This comes after news that so-called super fans were buying the iconic home for more than $1.6 million.

During Wednesday night’s meeting, neighbors said they were already concerned after years of dealing with large crowds surrounding their properties. They fear the problem will only get worse.

A representative for the buyers said the pair plan to keep the house under a permanent residence, but that the house is a tourist draw that helps bring revenue into the city.

“We do not intend to sit idly by and watch this neighborhood become further clogged by the commercial exploitation of this house within our residential neighborhood,” said Megan Hodges, a neighbor of the home.

“I think the Astorians have spoken, so the house is a home and that’s what it will maintain is a home,” said City Councilor Tom Hilton. “And we do alright. Our city does just fine with tourism.”

The buyers of the “Goonies” house plan to remain anonymous until the sale closes.