PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A big fight is shaping up in the Oregon legislature over what some call “predatory rent increases” that lead to homelessness in the state.

Senate Bill 611 would lower the cap on these rent increases, and supporters are pushing to bring more attention to the bill before its hearing in Salem on March 27.

Oregon currently has a rent cap of 7% plus inflation, with a maximum increase of 15%. But there’s a catch: that limit only applies to buildings that are more than 15 years old.

For residents living in newer buildings, that cap does not apply. Without a limit, rent increases can impact families with hikes as large as 32%.

Jessica Israel, a mother in Sherwood, said she is facing that increase starting next month.

Israel lives in a three-bedroom apartment with her husband and son. Her landlord sent her a notice that their rent will increase by more than $500 a month in April.

SB 611 would change the law so that the exemption would apply to buildings three years old or newer and limit rent increases to a maximum of 8%.

Upcoming rent control hearings in Oregon Senate

However, there has been strong opposition from landlord organizations and Republican lawmakers. They also object to another part of the bill that triples the amount a landlord must pay a tenant when terminating a lease.