PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Republican-led push for the shifting of Oregon’s border has gained a lot of attention and a lot of criticism in recent weeks.

Following Idaho’s House of Representatives legislation to create “Greater Idaho,” an Oregon congressman shared his somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to the situation.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon’s third district, which covers parts of east Portland all the way to Hood River and Mt. Hood, shared a short statement, and a trade offer for the folks running the Greater Idaho movement.

“I would entertain a trade for Boise and Sun Valley,” the statement simply read.

The legislation, which passed the Idaho House of Representatives Wednesday, authorized Idaho legislators to make a proposal to Oregon politicians about moving the border to the Cascade Mountain range.

So far, 15 communities in eastern Oregon have proposed becoming part of Idaho, and 11 have already approved ballot measures supporting it.