PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A couple is suing the city of Portland along with Portland Police Bureau Officer Jeffrey Dorn and his wife for negligence after they said they were viciously attacked by an unsupervised police K-9 in their Happy Valley neighborhood in March 2021. 

Jason and Kristina Norris are demanding a trial by jury and asking for $1.7 million in damage, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday, March 9. 

According to the lawsuit, the Norrises were walking on a public path in their Happy Valley Neighborhood on March 12, 2021, when they were approached by an unleashed German shepherd. 

The lawsuit said the Norrises didn’t see the dog’s owner anywhere nearby. The Norrises paused their walk to allow the dog to pass, but instead of passing, the dog lunged at them, biting Kristina Norris’ left forearm and dragging her to the ground, the lawsuit said. 

Jason Norris tried to get the dog to let go of his wife and the dog then turned on him, biting his right, lower leg and trying to drag him, according to the lawsuit. 

“The dog mauled Mr. Norris for several minutes while both he and Mrs. Norris screamed for help and tried desperately to end the vicious attack,” the lawsuit said. 

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the lawsuit said the dog released Jason Norris’ leg and sat down near the badly injured couple. 

Neighbors heard the couple’s cries for help and called 911. The lawsuit said the couple sat bleeding on the curb while they waited for help. 

At around the time paramedics left in an ambulance to take the couple to a hospital, Officer Jeffrey Dorn arrived at the scene and confirmed the dog was a Portland Police Bureau K-9 that he and his wife care for and control, the lawsuit said. 

According to the lawsuit, Jason Norris suffered from an increased resting heart rate, severe cuts to his left hand, several puncture wounds, contusions to his right leg and major injuries to his left leg. The lawsuit said the bites to his left leg were so deep that his bone was exposed and his tibia is now shaped irregularly as a result of the attack. 

Kristina Norris, the lawsuit said, suffered puncture wounds, contusions to her left forearm, and injuries that exposed the muscle on her left forearm. 

The lawsuit accuses the city of Portland and the Dorns of being negligent by failing to control and supervise the police dog, failing to place it inside a secure kennel or fence when it was unsupervised, and failing to prevent the dog from being aggressive and injuring pedestrians. 

Each of the Norrises is asking for $850,000 in damages and for their pain and suffering.

The city of Portland and the Portland Police Bureau both told KOIN 6 News they do not comment on pending litigation.