PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Nearly two years after the Holiday Farm fire ripped through parts of Eugene and Springfield, officials are reopening several burned areas that had been deemed dangerous.

In a statement released Friday, the Bureau of Land Management said it would be lifting temporary closures that had been placed on public lands near the fire.

BLM said some areas will remain closed, however, as crews are still working to remove trees that pose a hazard. The gravel sections of Goodpasture Road and Mt. Hagen Road are still shut off.

“While we’re happy to be entering a new stage in post-fire recovery, there are still many hazards that remain in the burned areas,” said Dennis Teitzel, Acting Northwest Oregon District Manager. “When returning to enjoy these areas, please maintain awareness of your surroundings, especially when walking or parking in areas with fire weakened trees.”

Officials said the burned areas are fragile, so visitors should be wary of falling limbs, loose rock and unstable soils.

Further, the laws protecting public lands and resources from damage or unauthorized use remain in place.