PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man in custody on serious charges escaped police custody Wednesday night and police are seeking help locating him.

Christopher Lee Pray, 39, was in custody for attempted aggravated murder and was transferred to the Oregon State Hospital Wednesday when the Oregon State Police said he escaped custody, stole a white 2016 Dodge Caravan with the license plate E265614 and headed southbound on Interstate 5.

In a statement, the Oregon State Hospital said Pray is on “unauthorized leave” from the hospital after he was admitted on Wednesday.

According to OSH, Pray needed to be transferred to a local emergency department for medical care after an altercation with another patient. After returning to the state hospital around 10:30 p.m., Pray stole the van.

Pray is described as being 6 feet tall and 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a right forearm tattoo that says “PRAY” and an “S” neck tattoo that might say “supreme”

When Pray escaped, police said he was fully restrained with leg shackles, a belly chain, handcuffs and a restraint connecting all of them together. He was also wearing a white t-shirt, maroon sweatpants and black rubber slippers.

Police said that Pray is considered dangerous and to not approach him if located and to instead call 911.

Although he was headed south, police said he does have ties to the Portland area.