PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Officials with Detroit Lake announced Wednesday the marina will be shutting down for the rest of the season.

Damage from the devastating wildfires and lower-than-average water levels — a drop of 6.5 feet since May — led marina managers to make the decision.

All moored boats will need to be out of the marina by Sunday, July 11, officials said. However, Detroit Lake Marina Manager Carly Lunski said rentals of fishing boats, kayaks, pontoon boats, ski boats and paddle boards can continue as long as there’s water under the docks.

“We are about September water levels right now, what would be normal September levels,” said Lunski. “We are hoping for a better go next year.”

“We are in a pretty severe drought right now across the state and that has really impacted the reservoirs that we own and operate throughout the Willamette Valley,” said Tom Conning, a spokesperson for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District.

Conning said the reservoir’s current level is “below at least three boat ramps right now.” He said people should plan ahead before visiting Detroit Lake and be prepared for limited boat ramp access, as well as obstructions in the water that could cause safety issues.

“We have to balance the recreation season, we have to balance the flood-risk management mission and then there is also water quality and supply, fish and wildlife uses for the water downstream, as well,” Conning said. “It’s just been such a dry year and lack of precipitation has really made it difficult this year for our water managers.”

Anyone with a seasonal or prepaid agreement is asked to contact the Detroit Lake Marina at 503-854-3423. Those who have paid for the season can stay past July 11, dependent upon water levels.

Detroit Lake welcomed back tourists on Memorial Day weekend with some businesses are opening for the first time since wildfires ravaged the region.