Fans, kiddie pools are hot items to keep cool in Oregon


Some renting hotel rooms to keep cool

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Brittnee Johansen lucked out. She was able to get the last of the oscillating fans at the Ace Hardware in St. Johns. But there are plenty of box fans available.

“I came here to get a hose for my standing AC that I just got and they were sold out of all the things for it,” Johansen told KOIN 6 News.

Store manager Chris Richardson said they sold out of air conditioners about 3 days ago. And his store isn’t alone.

Brittnee Johansen got one of the last oscillating fans at the Ace Hardware in St. Johns during a heat wave, June 25, 2021 (KOIN)

“We’ve been getting calls about every 20 minutes asking about air conditioners and nobody has anything available that we’re aware of,” Richardson said “We tried to ramp up our stock a little bit so we were prepared as best we can.”

They’ve been selling a lot of foam insulation and plexiglass for windows, along with any and everything else that might help people keep cool — “fans, mister systems, kiddie pools as we can go out the door.”

Johansen said she is hiding from the heat this weekend by hitting the road.

“Most people are leaving their houses, going to the river, trying to get some relief,” she said.

Like most people, she’s shocked by the forecast.

“It’s not usually what you’re used to up here. You kind of move here to get away from all of that.”

While Johansen may be going to a river for a dip in the water, hotels around the Portland metro area said they are seeing some locals rent rooms for the weekend just to stay cool.

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