PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The FBI says the U.S. faces many cybersecurity threats from foreign adversaries, including China and Russia. In response, the bureau is trying to preserve a tool that could help guard against those threats.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Section 702, gives the FBI authority to monitor communications of foreign nationals, in order to prevent attacks, cyber or otherwise, in the country.

Opponents of FISA 702 claim it opens up privacy concerns and gives the FBI too much surveillance power — including over U.S. citizens.

Kieran Ramsey is the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Portland region, who recently wrote an op-ed advocating for FISA 702.

Ramsey gives an example of how the FBI uses FISA 702 authority, what the actual threats are, concerns that FISA 702 would be used against American citizens, and FISA 702’s current status.

The conversation switches gears to the Measure 114 gun control legislation, which requires a permit, firearms training, and limits gun magazines, and examines the FBI’s position on whether the measure is constitutional under Oregon law.

In addition, the FBI believes there are more victims in the case of Negasi Zuberi, a man accused of kidnapping a woman and imprisoning her in a basement in Klamath Falls until she managed to escape.

The discussion concludes with the effectiveness and fallout of the FBI’s infiltration of the 2020 protests, first reported by the New York Times.

To watch the full discussion, watch the video embedded above.