PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Following the ethics investigation into the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission and the departure of director Steve Marks, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has announced a new chair for the agency.

Gov. Kotek announced Friday afternoon that Marvin Révoal would be stepping into the position of chair of the OLCC. Révoal has been on the OLCC Board of Commissioners for nine years and previously had a career in law enforcement.

“Marvin Révoal is a respected community leader, and I trust that he is committed to leading the commission through this time of change and course correction,” Kotek said. “As Interim Director Prins evaluates and enacts the necessary changes to advance accountability and transparency, Chair Révoal will provide valuable leadership to help ensure those changes take hold.”

When news broke about OLCC members buying rare bourbon, Gov. Kotek told KOIN 6 that she was upset and immediately called for the then-director Marks to step down.

“I was livid,” Kotek said. “It is not acceptable for people to use their positions of power to get special deals. And we acted right away, I said ‘We need a change in leadership.’ I asked for his resignation more immediately, I asked for the chair to step down,”

The OLCC board is currently made up of six members until a seventh member is appointed.

Révoal joins interim executive director Craig Prins to serve as a leadership team for the OLCC.

“I look forward to working with Chair Révoal and the other Commissioners to establish greater accountability, institute rigorous oversight, and create transparent protocols for managing OLCC’s operations,” said Prins. “These are just some of the steps we must take in order to restore the public’s trust in this agency.”

Révoal shared that he is thankful for the governor’s support and that he wants to uphold the OLCC’s original mission.

“I would like to thank the Governor for the trust she has placed in me and her continued support for OLCC,” said Révoal. “I look forward to doing all that I can to help OLCC advance and fulfill the mission for which it was created. I believe in the agency and I believe in our control state model.”