PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Four sisters got the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after winning the $1 million prize in the Oregon Lottery’s St. Patrick’s Day Raffle, lottery officials said.

Carol Serbick of Wood Village bought the winning ticket, and now she and her three sisters are planning a vacation together.

The ticket was purchased at Bumpers Grill & Bar in Fairview on what Serbick said was a “whim.”

“I went to the restroom, walked past the bar, and said to the bartender, ‘just give me one ticket,’” she said in a statement. “Between us sisters, we purchased a total of nine tickets.”

According to Serbick the four sisters, all retirees had planned to buy two tickets each, but Serbick, the eldest sister, bought that ninth ticket which ended up being the big winner.

According to the Oregon Lottery, there were 1,801 total raffle prizes, and the odds of winning the million-dollar jackpot were one in 250,000.