PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – On Tuesday, Governor Brown signed a bill into law that allows the state to spend $200 million for job training and support.

The funding will help with recruitment and training for jobs in construction, health care and manufacturing.

The bill, signed during a ceremony at Intel, commits state and federal money to a program called Future Ready Oregon. A focus is to help groups like rural Oregonians, communities of color and women.

Under the bill, grants would go to those who work with underserved groups from job training programs, community colleges and apprentice programs. Money would also support services like daycare and transportation for those who are in job training programs.

“Approaching workforce development with an equity lens really is the heart and soul of this legislation,” Brown said in a press release. “That means identifying barriers to career advancement for underserved communities, providing support services to help individuals overcome those barriers, and viewing those supports—such as child care access, or broadband—as critical infrastructure. Future Ready Oregon will open the doors of opportunity to those who have too often been left behind, including people of color, women, veterans, rural Oregonians, and people with low incomes.”

Currently, Oregon leaders are working to fill the demand for hundreds of thousands of workers as there are far more jobs than trained workers for them.