PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Talks about potentially adjusting the state line between Oregon and Idaho took a step forward on Tuesday, according to the Greater Idaho movement.

A bill read on the Oregon Senate floor Tuesday invites Idaho to begin talks with Oregon to relocate state boundaries. The lead sponsor of the bill is Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum.

The bill, SJM 2, became public on Monday and states “we, the members of the 82nd Legislative Assembly stand ready to begin discussions regarding the potential to relocate the Oregon/Idaho border, and invite the Idaho Legislature, the Governor of Idaho, the Governor of Oregon to begin talks on this topic with this Legislative Assembly.”

The bill also notes that of the 15 rural conservative counties in eastern Oregon proposed to become a part of Idaho, 11 have approved ballot measures showing voter support.

SJM 2 now requires the approval of Rob Wagner, the new President of the Senate. According to rules approved Monday, any progress on a Senate bill requires Wagner’s approval. The Greater Idaho movement says they hope Wagner will give their bill a hearing

“Portland voters forced a gun control measure on the whole state, although eastern Oregon voters almost blocked it. And then an eastern Oregon judge blocked it. His injunction might stand for a couple years while he decides the case. If Oregon had let Grant and Harney counties go when they requested to join Idaho, then their judge wouldn’t have blocked an Oregon measure. Grant and Harney counties are ranchland, and Portland is not. It doesn’t make sense for these two cultures to be dictating policy to each other,” Greater Idaho spokesman Matt McCaw said.