PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Over the summer, two retired U.S. Marines kicked off a cross-country hike from Massachusetts to Oregon.

Former sergeant majors Justin LeHew and Coleman Kinzer, also known as JD and Rocky, have served in the Marine Corps for 56 years collectively.

They started their hike from Boston to Newport, Ore., “in support of America’s Missing and Killed In Action from all wars and conflicts, Gold Star families, as well as highlight numerous other great charitable causes in support of helping and continuing to give back to others from all walks and challenges of life.”

The duo embarked on their journey on Monday, June 6. In mid-August, once they reached Elgin, Ill., fellow veteran Raymond Shinohara joined their group. Former staff sergeant Shinohara served in the Marine Corps for 11 years.

LeHew, Kinzer and Shinohara go by Team Long Road, a name fitting for the group who is hiking along U.S. Highway 20 — which is the longest road in the country. Spanning 12 states, the highway starts in Boston at Route 2 and intersects with US 101 all of the way in Newport.

“This specific road was selected to highlight the long journey home that over 81,000 missing U.S. Service Members have been trying to make since World War Two,” the Team Long Road website explained. “It also represents America’s longest wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the men and women who fought there.”

The men have arrived in Oregon, and are in the final stretch of their 3,365-mile hike. On Tuesday, Team Long Road invited the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office to their stop at the Oregon Medal of Honor Highway.

The group provides additional updates with its Facebook group, which has attracted more than 12,000 members since its introductory post in May.

Team Long Road has just over 100 miles to go before they reach Newport.