PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It may be time to press your luck as two of the nation’s most popular lottery jackpots continue to grow.

The drawing for the Mega Millions jackpot that’s an estimated $355 million is on Friday, while the $147 million Powerball jackpot drawing is slated for Saturday.

But the odds of winning the jackpot may depend on where you play.

TNT Hollywood Tavern in Salem has hit the jackpot in more than one way, and the owner and its employees say the luck of the place comes from its patrons.

It was in that bar that a loyal customer of 20 years had his life changed forever. In the last Powerball, that customer hit all the numbers except the Powerball.

Katie Anderson, a bartender at the tavern, was the one that sold him that winning ticket.

“It was just a very real moment you can’t explain because it’s just something that will probably never happen again in my lifetime. Just being able to sell a million-dollar ticket is incredible,” said Anderson.

Data from the Oregon Lottery shows the top locations in the state that have sold the most amount of winning lottery tickets of $1000 or more in 2022.

Officials with the Lottery tell KOIN 6 these are stores or establishments which attract a lot of foot traffic in highly populated areas.

Here are the top five luckiest places in Oregon to purchase a ticket:

  1. McLoughlin Market Place in Gladstone
  2. Foxy’s in Portland
  3. 82nd Food Mart in Portland
  4. A1 Market in Salem
  5. Winner’s Corner in Portland

TNT made it to sixth place on the list.