PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Major cities like Portland are notorious for offering smaller apartments than their suburban counterparts to accommodate the more densely-populated metropolitan area.

A recent study depicts just how big — or how little — of an apartment space people can rent with a monthly budget of $1,500 in different cities.

Nationwide apartment search RentCafe analyzed rent prices in the U.S.’s 200 largest cities from coast to coast to complete the study, which shows that residents in the Sunbelt and Midwest regions can rent the biggest apartments for $1,500.

“One thing is clear, big cities don’t guarantee big apartments for renters on a strict budget,” RentCafe reported. “Instead, the most in-demand coastal locations tend to offer smaller spaces for the money, whereas moving away from the coasts can get you more space and more comfort on the same budget.”

According to the report, 782 square feet is the national average apartment space renters can get with $1,500. RentCafe says 56% of the surveyed large cities offer more square feet for the same price, but Portland isn’t one of them.

For Rose City renters, $1,500 will cover the cost of a 645-square-foot apartment. However, researchers say the average Portland apartment is 759 square feet for a cost of $1,766 per month.

Across Oregon, RentCafe reports that Salem is the city giving renters “the most bang for their buck.” With $1,500 in the state capitol, apartment hunters can secure a 933-square-foot residence.

Fellow Pacific Northwest cities such as Spokane and Vancouver also offer bigger apartments for people with this budget, while Seattle renters may have to reconsider their options if they want more space. RentCafe says that $1,500 in Seattle covers the cost of a 453-square-foot rental.

Wichita, Kan., Tulsa, Okla., and Omaha, Nebraska are the most cost-effective cities for people with this rental budget, according to the study. For $1,500 in Wichita, renters can get a 1,463-square-foot space.