PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Life events have been put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic but one nonprofit organization is making sure expectant moms are celebrated while simultaneously helping other women in need. 

Maria Berglund started In Kind Boxes with other fellow moms in the Portland area. They pack boxes full of goods for babies and mothers. 

A pregnant woman with an In Kind box. (Courtesy of In Kind Boxes)
A pregnant woman with an In Kind box. (Courtesy of In Kind Boxes)

“It’s a baby shower in a box,” said Berglund. “You could go in on it with a group of friends and give it as a gift—I think tit would be really nice.” 

The organization also helps women in need. For every box purchased, another box is donated to a mom-to-be who needs it. 

Berglund said In Kind has partnerships with eight other nonprofit groups that also serve families in need. 

“They are the distribution networks so they give out the boxes to the families who need them,” she said. 

In Kind hasn’t been able to do large, bulk deliveries to certain charities due to the pandemic, Berglund said, but they’re still working hard to get the goods to other nonprofits on a smaller scale. 

They’re also delivering to people who purchase them for $95. Berglund said that’s approximately the price you’d pay if you bought all of the items individually but buying through In Kind includes a charitable component.

“It has a purpose,” Berglund said. “You’re helping somebody else so that adds another layer of value to buying it.”  

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In Kind Boxes items. (Courtesy of In Kind Boxes)
In Kind Boxes items. (Courtesy of In Kind Boxes)