PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Clackamas County detectives are investigating the death of a newborn baby they say is associated with the Followers of Christ faith-healing church in Oregon City.

The church has been the focus of multiple KOIN 6 News investigations in the past.

The sheriff’s spokesman tells KOIN 6 the baby died Monday afternoon at a house on South Maywood Street, just outside of Oregon City. People arriving at the house refused to speak with KOIN 6 on Thursday.

Since 2008, five couples have been prosecuted as members of the faith healing church, accused of not getting their children medical care. But the cases can be difficult to prove.

In 2017, it took prosecutors three months to indict the parents of newborn Ginnifer Mitchell.

In the 2009 death of premature baby David Hickman, it took investigators 10 months to file charges. Investigators had to determine whether medical treatment would have helped. They also had to search phone and computer records to prove the parents knew the baby was in danger, such as calling on other church members to pray.