PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Washington County deputy and his trusty K9 assisted federal agents in a search for drugs on Saturday.

WCSO Deputy Colburn and K9 Mando were asked to help several federal partners in conducting a narcotics search of a freight ship near Longview, WA.

K9 Mando on a ship near Longview, WA (WCSO)

Colburn and his K9 partner may have been selected for this assignment because of their success over the past year uncovering more than 100 pounds of narcotics and more than $300,000 cash from drug sales. Over the last year their largest find was 53 pounds of meth. Mando was certified in June 2021.

Colburn and Mando — half German Shepherd, half Belgian Malinois — joined four other K9 teams on this search for drugs. Authorities released very few details about the search.

It is unclear at this time if the search found any drugs.

Deputy Colburn and K9 Mando assisting in federal drug seach near Longview, WA (WCSO)