PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Bearing a remarkably similar layout to the “Greater Idaho” website, an unknown person or group has created a “Lesser Idaho” website, parodying the “Greater Idaho” movement which aims to give a huge swath of Eastern Oregon to the Republican-led state of Idaho.

The page describes itself as a “semi-serious parody” dedicated to the idea of pushing Oregon’s border east by annexing parts of Western Idaho. While most of the links on the website don’t work, the site’s “about” page states that it represents Western Idahoans who may feel better served as part of the progressive state of Oregon.

“Many western Idahoans feel that their voices are not being heard in the larger political landscape of the state,” the parody website states. “They may feel that their values and priorities are being drowned out by the more conservative parts of Idaho and that they are not being given the representation they deserve.”

A look at the Oregon counties that have approved exploring the "Greater Idaho" concept and a look at the counties that may explore it moving forward.
The 11 Oregon counties that have approved exploring the “Greater Idaho” concept (blue) and still-undecided Wallowa County (yellow).

Similar to the “Greater Idaho” movement, the “Lesser Idaho” site has drawn up its own map showing several proposed areas of Idaho that may want to consider joining the state of Oregon. The Idaho counties included in the proposed map seem to include Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Clearwater, Elmore, Gem, Lewis, Nez Perce, Payette and Washington Counties.

“Idaho’s economic standings would be less able to support rural Oregon, and would be as removed as eastern Oregon is from Salem,” the page states. “Oregon would gladly welcome Boise, Twin Falls, and Sun Valley to our wonderful state.”

It’s unclear who operates the “Lesser Idaho” site. However, the group Rural Oregonians for Oregon, which has been publicly outspoken against Wallowa County’s recent measure to support a “Greater Idaho,” has said that it has no connection to the website. The folks with the “Greater Idaho” movement, meanwhile, disagree with the page’s point of view.

“Southwestern Idaho is conservative and has no interest in joining a blue state,” a spokesperson with the “Greater Idaho” website said. “Eastern Oregon is conservative and has voted 60%, on average, in favor of considering joining Idaho since the first election.”