PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — “‘Til death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning as the Marion County Justice Court will celebrate Halloween this year by officiating marriages all day, Justice of the Peace Justin Kidd announced Thursday.

Couples are encouraged to dress in either wedding attire or their most creative Halloween costume, because, according to a press release, Judge Kidd will himself be in costume as a Jedi. The court will serve spooky treats, and there “may be other Halloween surprises” for couples who choose that day to say “I Boo.”

Judge Kidd and the Marion County Justice Court perform marriages throughout the year with about 120 ceremonies in 2022. According to the Justice Court, many couples choose Halloween for their ceremony to make their anniversary extra memorable. Another popular day is Valentine’s Day.

This year, in addition to Halloween, many couples are choosing another spooky date, Friday, Oct. 13, to celebrate their marriages. Both of these dates, even if a little spooky, make the anniversary extra hard to forget.

“Marriage is a fundamental right, and our courthouse is here to make it accessible to all, even on the spookiest of days,” said Kidd. “This kind of celebration might seem silly, but it serves an important purpose. It makes clear that the court is here for everyone.”

While most couples come from Marion and Polk Counties, others have come from Linn, Benton, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties. So far, the Justice Court says there are 8 couples scheduled to be married on Halloween.

The court has a limited number of slots for Halloween. Interested couples will need to get a marriage license from their county clerk and they will need to call 503-576-7200 to schedule an appointment.