Marbled murrelet moved to Oregon Endangered Species


Marbled murrelet has been on the Threatened list since 1995

A marbled murrelet. (

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Citing two factors that threaten their existence, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to move the marbled murrelet to the state’s Endangered Species list.

The commission heard testimony from 28 people before voting 4-3 to move the bird from the Threatened list, where it’s been since 1995.

Marbled murrelets are in danger of extinction within Oregon and state lands play a role in their conservation, the commission determined.

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The two factors cited are that most of the birds are dealing with “imminent or active deterioration of their ranger or primary habitat,” and that current state or federal programs aren’t adequate to protect them.

State agencies with lands where the marbled murrelet live now have 18 months to come up with an “endangered species management plan” that the OFDC needs to approve.

ODFW marbled murrelet
A marbled murrelet (ODFW)

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