PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Planning on camping through wine country in your trailer this summer? Don’t get your hopes up.

A RV parking ban went into effect in McMinnville on Thursday, making it illegal to park RV’s and trailers in the city’s parking lots, according to the McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department.

“Other than city maintenance vehicles or buses transporting children, sports teams or associated City programs, only vehicles meeting the definition of passenger vehicle according to ODOT are allowed in parks,” according to the P&R department.

The department says local parks have seen a recent increase in RV’s and trailers in parking lots – especially in East Wortman and Joe Dancer. They estimate that the number of these vehicles has doubled since Fall 2022.

P&R Director Susan Muir said in a memo on May 2 that the extra vehicles have prevented the spots from “being used for their purpose, which is to allow people to park their vehicle and enjoy the connected park.”

“While we will continue to welcome all people who follow the rules to our parks, we do find it necessary to remedy the negative impacts related to large vehicles, towed vehicles and trailers in our lots. Our park parking lots were not designed to accommodate oversized vehicles…” Muir said.

Officials say city employees have received complaints from people who say they feel unsafe in the local parks because of abandoned recreational vehicles in the area. 

The P&R department also says abandoned trailers cost the city money when they are left to remove the vehicles, and one abandoned trailer became a safety hazard for children when it became “partially dismantled.”

Exemptions for the rule will be “extremely limited,” officials say, and must be pre-approved by either the P&R director, police chief or library director.