PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When you think of rescue dogs, you may think about pups getting adopted from animal shelters. Cashew, however, is a different kind of rescue dog.

Cashew is a cutie with a big personality — and she’s the newest addition to Mt. Bachelor’s team of avalanche rescue dogs. The 14-week-old golden retriever puppy is getting trained to help search for people who get buried under snow.

According to Mt. Bachelor’s website, dogs have a “tremendous advantage of being able to travel at higher speeds over uneven terrain and use their heightened sense of smell to support rescue efforts led by Ski Patrol.” The team of avalanche dogs and their Ski Patro handlers are out on the mountain daily, the website states.

“As puppies, they spend most of their time exploring the mountain with their handlers, riding snowmobiles and chairlifts, working on basic obedience, etc.,” Dustin Fletcher, the interim marketing director for Mt. Bachelor explained.

Once Cashew matures, she will start focusing on search work like basic hide and seek until her “skills are refined enough to do a blind search involving multiple victims.” Fletcher says this process usually takes about two years.