PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Kate Brown may be the governor of Oregon, but this year, she has a smaller counterpart. 

The kid governor was introduced to the Beaver state as part of a new program through the Secretary of State’s Office. 

Oregon’s Kid Governor Dom Peters plays basketball with his friends during recess at Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks. (KOIN)

At first glance, Dom Peters looks like any other 5th grader playing basketball at recess or warming up during music class at Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks. But Dom also has a full time role outside school.

He ran for kid governor of Oregon and after beating other 5 grade students from all over the state, he was inaugurated in Salem in January. 

Dom hit the ground running on a platform that has affected him personally.

“I wanted to do bullying because it’s really important to me because kids, they should just all have a good childhood,” Dom said.

He started a blog and is working on a book about a puppy who is bullied.

“I’ve already started thinking of ways I can make a difference in my own school. I set up a Super Kind Helpers Club where a group of kids sign up for a day of the week and spend the first 5 minutes of their recess checking in on everyone. We make sure kids are being included, nobody is feeling bullied, and everyone has someone to play with. After that, we can play for the rest of our recess. It seems to be going pretty well so far. What about you? Do have any ideas for the club to help people at recess? 

His political role even includes travel.

“I’m going to go to Eugene soon and I’m going to teach their school about civics,” he said.

Dom’s step dad Daniel Maceira said they weren’t surprised he won or at how he’s taking it all in stride.

“There’s a lot of things he’s having to do and he’s handling the stress very well,” Maceira told KOIN 6 News. 

He enjoys his new duties but back at school, he says nothing is really different. Except maybe one thing: “some people call me governor.” 

More than 1,300 5th graders voted in the election and for this year’s 4th graders — next year is a new chance to run because the Secretary of State’s Office wants to make kid governor an annual thing.