PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Many Oregon residents will be able to renew their driver licenses, permits and identification cards online at DMV2U starting in early May, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.

A feature coming to DMV2U.Oregon.gov saves thousands of Oregonians a trip to a DMV office and free up appointment times for others. Demand for appointment slots and DMV services remains high because of the COVID-19 backlog, officials said.

ODOT said that if you want to change from a regular driver license or ID card to a Real ID-compliant credential, you will need to make an in-person appointment at the DMV. The same is true if you need to add a motorcycle or farm endorsement, or add a veteran designation, or renew a limited-term credential, or renew in other uncommon situations, officials said.

Renewing online allows you to print a receipt to carry with you, according to ODOT. Law enforcement can verify your driving privileges electronically in the event of a traffic stop.

“This new service is ideal for customers who only need to renew the type of card they currently have,” ODOT said in a release Monday. “Most importantly, it gives you a choice – you may wish to wait until May to renew online instead of setting an appointment and going in person.”

Details on the online process for renewing an Oregon driver’s license

Grace period for late renewal

ODOT said Oregonians with a vehicle registration, permit or driver license that expires between Nov. 1, 2020, and April 30, 2021, have up to three months after their expiration date to renew. Moreover, the DMV and Oregon Law enforcement agreed to have officers use discretion in a traffic stop when a customer has an expired license or vehicle tag and is within the grace period.

There is no penalty or extra fee for renewing your driver license, permit or ID card up to 12 months after your expiration date, according to officials.

What credentials you can renew online starting in May

You will be able to renew your:

  • Driver license
  • Commercial driver license (except CDL with hazmat or farm endorsement)
  • ID card
  • Instruction permit
  • Motorcycle instruction permit
  • Restricted moped-only license
  • Disability golf cart driver permit

Online renewal will allow you to make two changes:

  • Change your address if you have moved.
  • Add or remove the organ donation option from your record.

Who can renew online?

In order to qualify for online renewal:

  • Your card must be within 12 months of its expiration date.
  • Your previous renewal was done in person at a DMV office.
  • You are not suspended or owe a reinstatement fee from a previous suspension.

Vision test waived for drivers age 50 and older renewing online

For the next two years, DMV will postpone the vision test required for drivers age 50 and older who renew online. This will enable more Oregonians to renew online instead of making an appointment at DMV.

Drivers 50 and older who renew online will be required to pass that screening no later than their next renewal.

Find out if you’re eligible online in May

To be certain that you are eligible to renew your current Oregon card online, in early May go to DMV2U.Oregon.gov and start using the online renewal option. It will ask you questions, and if you’re eligible to renew online, you will be able to complete the transaction using a debit/credit card.

If you plan to travel by air, make sure you have the right ID

If you plan to travel by air in the future, make sure you have what you need to fly within the United States. Starting Oct. 1, you will need a Real ID-compliant form of ID at airport security checkpoints for all flights. Many people already have a Real ID-compliant credential, like a passport or passport card. Find out your best option for air travel ID at Oregon.gov/RealID.