PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A nonprofit is hosting a training event to teach people how to use Narcan, the potentially life-saving drug that is used on someone suspected of overdosing.

Need-4-Narcan is a nonprofit doing the groundwork to spread awareness about opioid addiction and overdose. It wants to get the life-saving drug into the hands of more people.

Kelly Sloop, a local pharmacist, says there are barriers to getting naloxone in to the hands of folks in Oregon, but nonprofits like Need-4-Narcan helps overcome some of those.

“Oregon actually is number one in opioid misuse, but we are dead last in the nation as far as having any treatment facilities for drug addiction or even mental health. And with the pandemic and then the decriminalization of drugs, we just opened up Pandora’s box,” said Sloop.

Sloop and Need-4-Narcan teamed up to get Narcan into Linn-Wilsonville schools. Sloop said she hopes to get it in every Oregon school.

The nonprofit will hold a training event on Saturday demonstrating how to use the drug which organizers say it is more holistic than just passing out Narcan. They will have speakers who have suffered from addiction, along with providing wound care and hygiene products.

John Durkin, the pastor at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, said this is faith in action — caring about the community enough to be part of the solution.

“There’s about 10 different tents that will be represented there that are all caring about how we can provide love and care and support for folks that are needing to share their story about loss or needing to come together and receive some awareness but also some support,” said Durkin.

Pastor Durkin said he personally wanted to become involved with Need-4-Narcan because he has school-aged kids and sees how pervasive the opioid problem is in our community.

The event is at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Happy Valley from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday.