PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon Psilocybin Services, a branch of the Oregon Health Authority, announced on Wednesday that it issued the state’s first psilocybin license.

The completed psilocybin business application comes more than two years after voters made Oregon the first state in the union to legalize the therapeutic use of psilocybin — a psychedelic drug naturally found in mushrooms.

The psilocybin manufacturing license was approved for the Portland-based company Satori Farms PDX LLC, owned by Tori Armbrust.

“Today, I am the first manufacturing licensee for the new psilocybin framework that’s been released. I’m the first in Oregon and the first in the nation,” she said.

The OHA said in its announcement that “as the nation celebrates Women’s History Month, this woman-owned business will bring communities one step closer towards accessing psilocybin services in Oregon.”

Application totals for psilocybin permits in Oregon as of March 22. (Oregon Psilocybin Services).

The state began accepting applications for manufacturing, service center, laboratory and facilitatory psilocybin therapy licenses in January. Since that time, OHA has received more than 220 applications for business licenses and workers’ permits.

Oregon Psilocybin Services Section Manager Angie Allbee congratulated Armbrust for being Oregon’s first legal psilocybin manufacturer. Eleven other companies have filed for psilocybin manufacturing licenses in Oregon but have not completed the application process.

“We congratulate Tori Armbrust of Satori Farms PDX LLC for being issued the first psilocybin license in Oregon’s history and for representing women leading the way for the emerging psilocybin ecosystem,” Allbee said. “We are committed to fostering an inclusive partnership with our regulated community to ensure safe, effective and equitable psilocybin services throughout the state.”

OPS said that it expects to issue additional licenses to laboratories, service centers and facilitators within the coming months. So far, five companies have filed for service center licenses, one company has filed for a laboratory license, and none have applied for facilitator’s licenses.

Nearly 50 workers have been permitted to serve as employees in the industry, with another 94 applicants awaiting approval.

Armbrust said the process to sell psilocybin requires in-depth security precautions.

“OHA released a ton of guidelines that were covered in the onsite visit that include security systems, panic buttons, all those things to make sure the building is secure,” she said.