PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregon added 8,700 jobs in June to continue the employment gains it’s made over the last seven months. 

The Oregon Employment Department said the largest gains were in construction, other services, healthcare and social assistance, and leisure and hospitality. 

The only major industry to lose jobs was the government, which shed 600 jobs in June. 

As of June, Oregon has regained 94% of the jobs lost at the state of the pandemic. While that sounds promising, it’s still trails behind the U.S., which has regained 98%. Oregon’s private sector is close to a full jobs recovery, the employment department said. It’s regained 98% of its pandemic losses. 

Construction, which added 2,800 jobs in June, has risen rapidly over the past year. There were a record 118,700 jobs in June, well above the pre-pandemic peak of 112,300 in February 2020. 

Since June 2021, construction has added 8,700 jobs. 

Leisure and hospitality added 1,300 jobs in June and has gained 28,500 jobs since June 2021. The industry has regained 87% of the jobs it lost early in the pandemic. 

Oregon’s unemployment rate in June was 3.6%, similar to May’s 3.5%. The U.S. unemployment rate has remained at 3.6% for March, April, May and June. 

The 8,700 jobs Oregon added in June were nonfarm payroll jobs.