PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregon emergency rescue and law enforcement agencies are learning how drones can help with their jobs. 

Crews from the Scappoose Fire District, the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization and the Tillamook Unmanned Aircraft System Test Range hosted a first of its kind symposium Tuesday at Jantzen Beach in Portland. 

Several state agencies attended the event to watch a presentation about drone training, the Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Waiver or Authorisation that was obtained, standards and more. 

After the presentation, they participated in a drone flight and demonstration. 

Officials told KOIN 6 News drones are cheaper than traditional aircraft and have different capabilities. 

“[What] we’re using the aircraft for is mapping, 3D modeling. We’re able to do crash reconstruction to open up highways faster. We can shuttle medications and equipment, depending on the size of our aircraft, from one place to another, “Jeff Pricher, a Scappoose Fire District chief said. 

The emergency response drones have special clearance and can fly in airspace that’s restricted for civilian unmanned aircraft.