PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gun control advocates call it necessary, gun owners call it insane. A new bill proposes major changes to Oregon’s gun laws — and it was written by teenagers.

More than a dozen gun bills were submitted for the upcoming Oregon legislative session, but Senate Bill 501 is likely the most ambitious and certainly the most broad.

If it passes, the would change the process of gun purchases, storage, magazine size, ammunition limits and much more. Legislators who have proposed it said this is what students are asking for.

Last March, just weeks after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, more than 300 Lake Oswego students went to the Oregon capitol demanding gun reform. 

“Representative Salinas and I met with them and said if you do the research and you tell us what you want to see, we will introduce a bill for you,” Senator Rob Wagner, D-Tualatin said.

The bill would require Oregonians to get a permit before buying a gun, ban possession of any magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammo, limits ammo purchases to 20 rounds per 30 days and adds new gun locking and storage requirements.

A spokesperson for the Oregon Firearms Federation called the bill “bizarre, demented and idiot.”

“Basically, it’s totally and completely insane,” Gun Room owner Warren Lacasse said.

Lacasse thinks the bill would make it illegal for honest people to defend themselves.

“If they even so much as push something like this, you could see 100,000 people in Salem,” Lacasse said.

Even State Sen. Wagner admits it’s unlikely this would pass as it stands, but said it’s worth it to get Oregon’s government and citizens talking.

“I just believe everything should be on the table, I don’t think we should be afraid to have courageous conversations as it relates to defensible gun safety,” Wagner said. 

Wagner said he’s already getting dozens of messages from people in his district, the state and all across the country who have strong opinions about this bill. 

The Oregon legislature reconvenes on Jan. 22.