PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan, the incoming president of the Oregon Mayors Association, said the mayors of all 241 Oregon cities must come together to create a coordinated response to homelessness throughout the state.

Earlier this year, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed the mayors association form a task force on homelessness. They did and 25 mayors from across the state studied Oregon’s homeless crisis.

“We wanted to make sure that we had a broad range of mayors on this task force, so that way we could hear everyone’s concerns,” Lenahan told KOIN 6 News. “I really believe that the Oregon legislature needs to trust the mayors when we say we have problems, we know how to fix them, and we need your help.”

The Oregon Mayors Association Homelessness Task Force sent a letter to leaders in Salem. In part they said, “Cities cannot be left to solve this statewide crisis by ourselves.”

They’re now calling “on Oregon’s next governor and legislature to fund the services and housing needed to make an impact on Oregon’s homelessness crisis.”

The groups is also putting forward two budget proposals for the next legislative session. One budget package provides money for homeless services while the other allocates money for shelters and housing.

“We want to put boots on the ground,” Lenahan said. “We want action, we need funding, and we want to help our men and women and children who are out there who need it the most.”

The funds would be distributed based on the population of the cities. They estimate the homeless services will cost nearly $125 million and the capital investments could be up to $175 million.