PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The electric vehicle rebate program in Oregon was paused after the state says it gave out all funds available for the program.

The state has issued more than $75 million as part of the  Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. Now they’re out of money — forcing them to suspend the program until the funds can be replenished.

Around 30,000 rebates were given out to eligible drivers, and Oregonians still have about six months to apply for the rebate.

Officials with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality say the state currently has more than 2,000 public charging stations, with more being built.

“The Oregon Department of Transportation has roughly $100 million that they’re spending over the next five years to support the deployment of electric vehicle charging, and so rolling out more charging networks along some of the major transportation corridors and underserved areas of the state,” said Rachel Sakata, Senior Air Quality Planner.

Officials believe gas-powered vehicles will soon become obsolete as hybrids and EVs gain in popularity.

Helped in part by the declaration that there will be no new gas-powered cars sold by the year 2035, 35% of sales have to be zero emission by 2026, officials say.