PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In the wake of several water emergencies this week, first responders want the public to be aware that the rivers are more dangerous than normal for this time of year.

There have been two drownings in the metro area this week alone — a man at Hagg Lake in Washington County and another who was paddleboarding on the Sandy River.

Last week, another paddleboarder drowned at Frenchman’s Bar in Vancouver. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office told KOIN 6 News he wasn’t wearing a life jacket. It’s the first drowning the county has seen this season.

Deputy Scott Gilberti with CCSO’s Marine Unit says water levels along the Columbia River are higher than visitors would normally see this time of year and that means it’s also swifter. Gilberti also wants people to remember the current water temperature can be a threat in itself.

“The water temperature right now is about 66 degrees which seems like it’s okay, but when you’ve been out in the 90, 95 degree temperature and you step in that 66 degree water, it’s going to take your breath away and you can drown,” he said.

Deputies and fire officials in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties have all reiterated the same point: wearing a life jacket will save your life.

Officials say they cannot stress the point enough.

Clackamas County fire officials say the Clackamas River is also at an unusually high level for this time of year — again, meaning that it is also moving faster than normal and still very cold.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit says it has not been patrolling the water as much this year due to a staffing shortage.