PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Nearly a month after the site of a deadly plane crash was discovered near Mount Jefferson, officials announced the pilot’s family had raised enough money to cover the cost of recovering the aircraft and the pilot’s remains.

Wayne Wirt, the sole occupant on the plane, was found deceased on Friday, Sept. 23 after the U.S. Coast Guard learned his family hadn’t heard back from him.

The plane’s last known location was near Mount Jefferson, where officials said nearby hikers reported hearing “sounds similar to a plane crash.”

Following the discovery of the crash site, Wirt’s family was tasked with funding the recovery efforts of the plane and the creators of a popular YouTube Channel stepped in to help. Dave Sparks and Dave Kiley of HeavyDSparks were reportedly “compelled” to help the family in not only funding but also with coordinating the recovery.

According to Wirt’s GoFundMe, the family was responsible for paying the estimated $50,000 it would cost for crews to remove the wrecked plane from the mountain.

Sparks, along with multiple agencies including LCSO, began recovery efforts on Thursday, Oct. 20. The sheriff’s office said it worked to “ensure the value of human life was at the forefront” of the recovery effort of Wirt’s remains.

The wrecked plane was taken to Washington state where the National Transportation Safety Board will inspect it.

A video documenting the effort and celebrating Wirt’s life will reportedly be released on HeavyDSparks YouTube channel at a later time.