PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s time to clean up Portland for the summer, and there are ways to help SOLVE Oregon with its mission through Plaid Pantry.

As the city welcomes tourists and locals back amid the pandemic, people can help support SOLVE Oregon clean-ups through Project CARES.

“Everyone wants to be proud of where they’re from,” Plaid Pantry CEO Jonathan Polonsky said, which is why the local company is partnering with SOLVE for Project CARES.

As a partner, they have a significant goal for 2022: raising $200,000.

“We’re real confident we can do that,” Polonsky said.

All month long, Plaid Pantry will be taking donations at the register.

“It’s super easy, when you’re at the register, you can simply round up your order, that’s one way of doing it. Those nickels and dimes add up substantially,” Polonsky said, adding that customers can also make a cash donation of a dollar or two as well.

Vendors will also be pitching in on the efforts, which is to help SOLVE recruit volunteers and support litter clean-up efforts across the Portland metro area.

“So if you walk downtown, East side, West side, almost everywhere now, there’s no shortage of need of people who need to clean things up,” Polonsky said. “So anything I can do or my company can do to help solve that problem, I’m going to do what I can.”

SOLVE Oregon leads volunteer litter clean-ups throughout the state. Project CARES also benefits Sunshine Division.