PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With two fires, a number of car crashes and countless downed trees, firefighters across the Portland Metro area have been responding to all aspects of this winter storm.

It has them urging people to stay home and be safe.

Fire crews say they had to call in a bus to keep from freezing Thursday evening to fight a fire on Northwest 18th. The wind pushed the fire so fast through the building, they couldn’t keep their crews inside and had to try to save other buildings around it.

“Firefighters really had no other choice they had to be defensive and keep themselves safe,” said Damon Simmons with Portland Fire & Rescue.

Firefighters went inside to try and save the building, but crews on the outside saw flames on the floors above, then a fire in the basement as well.

“It can get above us and below us and often we’re not aware, so we really rely on our teammates and so that’s what happened in this situation,” Simmons said.

Trying to keep the icy rain from steaming as they got near hot flames, a bus kept firefighters out of the elements.

“They’re out there getting cold when they’re not in the fire, then they’re getting hot when they’re in the fire and they’re sweating then they go back and they’re in the cold,” Simmons said.

The fire was just one of several calls Portland Fire & Rescue has been on during this storm. They also responded to multiple car crashes, where cars slid into each other — and slide into people.

“There’s so much to talk about when the weather is like this because it’s different enough for us here in the northwest,” Simmons said. “Obviously we ask people not to drive at all, but if you are you have to be hyper-vigilant.”

They’ve also been on calls of downed trees into power lines, medical calls and a report of a person who severely burned themselves trying to stay warm.

“The person who reported it described it as an action movie, so we really ask people if they’re heating homes or structures in any way that’s not normal. Even if it’s a way that is normal be cautious with those things,” Simmons said.