PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A Portland non-profit has been delivering thousands of care packages to teachers across the state this week. 

Young Audiences assembled 5,400 care packages to send to teachers in 45 school districts. The packages had things like spa face masks, vitamin immunity supplements, teas, and art resources.

Care packages from Young Audiences include spa face masks, supplements, teas and art resources (Oregon Screen Impressions).

Young Audiences has been helping schools integrate the arts into education for 62 years in the Portland area, but they realized the teachers themselves needed a gesture during what’s been a rough few years.

“Teachers are extraordinarily taxed right now and even that conversation of like, how can we help, how can we bring you arts, they’re like, I can’t even talk about integration, we’re really in survival mode,” Young Audiences Executive Director Lauren Jost said. 

Most of the teachers work in elementary schools and the non-profit delivered or mailed packages to 250 schools in total.

Local businesses Crystal Ball and Mr. OK’s Essentials donated the spa materials and volunteers from Oregon Screen Impressions assembled the gift boxes.