PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A preliminary investigation report on a plane crash that killed two people and seriously injured another in Newberg earlier this month was released on Wednesday.

The NTSB says that, among other things, the pilot was training for the first time on a twin-engine plane.

“Multiple witnesses located near the accident site reported observing the airplane in level flight before it pitched downward and entered a near-vertical descent,” the report stated. “The airplane continued in a nose-low, near-vertical descent until the airplane went out of visual range. Several witnesses described the airplane as ‘spinning’ or ‘spiraling’ during various phases of the vertical descent.”

The plane then crashed into a single-story home on Cedar Street, which the NTSB says all damage was contained within 10 feet of the crash.

Twenty-year-old Barrett Bevacqua was the student pilot and 22-year-old Michele Cavallotti was an instructor at Hillsboro Aero Academy, authorities said. Both died in the Oct. 3 crash. A third passenger who was a pilot in training was critically injured in the crash.

No one in the house the plane crashed into was injured.

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