PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregon and Washington are on Biden’s travel schedule this week, as he plans to make his first stop to Portland as president on Thursday.

President Biden will discuss the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill signed into law. 

Even though the president arrives in 3 days, details of where he will visit are being kept quiet, which is often the case for security reasons.

The White House has said he will be talking about infrastructure, money to improve roads and bridges, and will “visit an infrastructure improvement project.”

All signs point to the planned replacement of the Interstate Bridge on I-5 connecting Oregon and Washington.

That replacement project has been a political football between the states for many years, but now it is moving forward.

Washington is committing a billion dollars and now it’s Oregon’s turn to promise funding. Groundbreaking on the project could start in 2025 if issues like tolling, auxiliary lanes and mass transit get worked out.

The plan is to split the $4 billion cost between Oregon, Washington and the federal government.

While Portland and Vancouver mayors tell KOIN 6 News they have not yet heard details about the visit or an invitation, more details are expected Tuesday.  

Senator Ron Wyden told KOIN 6 News he will be talking with the president during his visit.

After a stop in Portland, the president will head to Seattle to talk about the economy.