Proud Boys’ Tarrio: Going to keep coming to Portland


Proud Boys one of the main right-wing groups who came to Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the right-wing group Proud Boys, said they’re going to “keep coming out here” until Mayor “Ted Wheeler does something about antifa.”

In the interview with CNN, Tarrio said Wheeler is “pandering to antifa and not calling them out by name.” So the Proud Boys, he said, will “keep wasting his resources” to deal with these ongoing protests.

“He’s gonna call the National Guard, the FBI, all of those people. We’re gonna keep coming out here until Ted Wheeler does something.”

Tarrio said he keeps showing up in Portland “because this is America. I have the freedom to express myself where ever, whether I go to Michigan, whether I go to Florida, whether I go to Washington or if I come to Oregon. Right now I think the problem is in Oregon.”

The Proud Boys describe themselves as “the world’s greatest fraternal organization” that “is and will always be MEN ONLY (born with a penis if that wasn’t clear enough for you leftists)!”

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Proud Boys ideology as “general hate.”

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