PSU student: ‘I’m looking forward to the rain again’


Drivers reminded to go slower on wet pavement

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — PSU students Iliana Telles and Sophia Pullen were at Hillsboro Stadium to see the Vikings beat Western Oregon. The win made being in the rain worthwhile.

“We were covered but it was pouring down,” Telles told KOIN 6 News. “It was just dumping and dumping. It was for a good 30 minutes. Then it went away, then it came back.”

Those who ventured out Saturday were wise to bring along their rain gear. The PSU students had an umbrella in their car.

Telles and Pullen are from The Dalles area, where wildfires threatened the community this summer. They’re grateful for the change.

PSU students Sophia Pullen, left, and Iliana Telles, September 18, 2021 (KOIN)

“Where we are from, we’ve had a couple fires already, so we’re pretty thankful for the rain,” she said.

The PSU students said they’re looking forward to Portland getting back to its rainy reputation.

Pullen said she “was used to the hot weather but I’m looking forward to the rain again.”

“I hate the hot weather. I love the cold,” Telles said. “So I’m pretty happy.”

Reminders for drivers

After months of dry pavement, drivers in Oregon had to get used to wet roads again.

The Oregon Department of Transportation has a few reminders for drivers about the return of the rainfall.

Spokesperson Don Hamilton said drivers should be mindful that pooling water on the road can cause accidents and stopping times can change.

“Everybody needs to be careful out there. Roads are suceptible to slides and they are more susceptible to being slick after the first rain after a dry spell,” Hamilton said. “Be careful about driving into high water. That can be very dangerous. Allow extra time for where you are going. Look out for pedestrians and the bicyclists because your stopping time in a car may be speeded up. It may be more dangerous for them on the road.”

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