PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Tech jobs are a big labor force and pay well, but a new report says Portland is among the bottom 10 cities for women in tech.

According to SmartAsset, women have faced systemic difficulties in securing tech jobs, and when they do, they typically earn less than their male counterparts. However, some cities offer better conditions for women to build their careers in tech.

In its latest study, SmartAsset analyzed 59 of the biggest U.S. cities to find the best and worst places for women in tech. The website ranked them according to four metrics: gender pay gap in the tech industry, income for women in tech after deducting housing costs, women as a percentage of tech workers and three-year growth in tech employment.

The analysis concluded that the representation of women in the tech workforce has not improved since last year.

“Nationally, women have made up about one in four tech workers over the past several years,” SmartAsset said. “In this year’s study, Detroit, Michigan has the highest percentage of women tech workers (41.7%) and Irvine, California has the lowest percentage (18.9%).”

How about Oregon?

Portland ranked #51 on the list with a 73.99% gender pay gap in the tech industry and a $48,943 income after housing costs. Only 27.30% of women are a part of Portland’s tech workforce.

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