PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Salem salon owner who defied Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-related shutdown of her business was among the President Donald Trump supporters in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon, confirmed to KOIN 6 News she posted to her Facebook page a photo of herself at Washington D.C. on Jan. 6., the day a pro-Trump mass gathering unraveled into chaos, with dozens of arrests made after people breached the U.S. Capitol building.

Graham said she did not engage in any violence, but was there to “peacefully protest at the Capitol.” A photo she posted showed her on the steps of the Capitol. It’s unclear if she entered the building.

She said on social media she does not “condone violence or brutality (on any side).”

Graham also runs a public figure brand and website called Patriot Barbie, chronicling a lawsuit she’s leveled against Brown, the state and some state agencies, related to challenging COVID restrictions. She said the Patriot Barbie social media page is home to updates on what she calls her “political journey.”

Her Jan. 6 post featured a photo of herself outdoors with many holding American flags and flags in support of Trump in the background.

Graham said she was attending a march of what she estimated to be hundreds of thousands of other Americans to “STOP THE STEAL.”

“This was a peaceful protest. At least it should have been. Patriots have continued to be tolerant, Peaceful and hopeful that justice would always prevail and good will always win,” the post said.

Graham went on to say she is “starting to see the unraveling of what has always been a patient party.”

Graham now says she thinks the people who incited the violence in D.C. are members of antifa, short for antifascists or an umbrella term for far-left leaning militant groups, disguised as Trump supporters, despite not offering any evidence to back up the claim.

“I could never say, of course, for the record, who I know to be patriots and who I know to be antifa,” Graham said. “I did not personally know any of the people that were inciting violence and so I couldn’t say for sure.”

On Friday, Graham posted on her Patriot Barbie-branded Facebook page that she is calling on people to send her video footage of “antifa infiltrating our rally.” According to law enforcement agencies, there is no evidence that antifa infiltrated groups of Trump supporters or incited the violence in D.C.

A rally for President Trump supporters devolved into chaos and rioting Wednesday. January 6, 2021 (courtesy Lindsey Graham).

When asked her response to Politifact’s report saying there was no evidence of antifa, Graham said: “I would say that until an investigation is complete, there isn’t going to be proof, it was less than 48 hours ago.”

When asked why she thought antifa were in the crowd, she gave one example of a person who she said she saw that was wearing combat gear and Trump stickers on the back of their helmet, but no other Trump-branded clothing.

Graham said some of her social media posts related to DC on Facebook and Instagram were removed by the sites.

Wednesday was fraught with chaos as supporters of Trump gathered in opposition to the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the election, despite there being no evidence for Trump’s claim that Biden’s win was fraudulent.

On Jan. 6, Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building as lawmakers went into hiding and people engaged in property destruction. Throughout the course of the rioting, dozens were arrested and several people died, including one woman shot by U.S. Capitol Police. Others reportedly died from medical emergencies related to the breach. On Thursday, it was announced a Capitol police officer also died related to injuries sustained during the riot, after reportedly being struck in the head by a fire extinguisher, officials said.

Graham said she filed a lawsuit on Dec. 18 pertaining to challenging Oregon’s COVID restrictions after she defied lockdown orders, opened her Salon, and received a $14,000 fine. The defendants in her suit are listed as the State of Oregon, Gov. Brown, and state agencies she said “harassed and bullied” her. She said she hopes to set a precedent that the governor doesn’t have the authority to lock small businesses down “prejudicially.”

As for her take on the presidential election, she said she still believes Trump won, that the election was stolen and encouraged others who believe the same to “peacefully protest the election.”

“I hope patriots will keep the faith and peacefully resume the fight.”